HUBS Token sale

Starting July 2021

HUBS token is a fundamental part of the Hub-Star Ecosystem. HUBS is a utility token it does not give any rights to shares. It is used to transact with our application. Our token sale is the first step on the journey of data value, starts July 2021.

Bewteen 1 - 500 TRX = 100 HUBS per TRX

Bewteen 501 - 5,000 TRX = 200 HUBS per TRX

Bewteen 5,001 - 30,000 TRX = 450 HUBS per TRX

30,001+ TRX = 900 HUBS per TRX

Token sale now open!

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The HUBS public sale will start July 2021

  • Acceptable currencies TRX
  • Tokens available 450,000,000,000 HUBS (45%)

Token Information


Please note - HUBS token is a utility token it does not give any rights to shares. It is used to transact with our application.

Symbol: HUBS

Type: TRC20

Total Supply: 1 Trillion

Team: 150 Billion

Sale 450 Billion

Airdrops: 50 Billion

Marketing: 100 Billion

Development: 250 Billion

There are a total of 450 billion tokens (45%) available during the sale.

Bewteen 1 - 500 TRX = 100 HUBS per TRX

Bewteen 501 - 5,000 TRX = 200 HUBS per TRX

Bewteen 5,001 - 30,000 TRX = 450 HUBS per TRX

30,001+ TRX = 900 HUBS per TRX

HubStarToken Sale ICO Rating

What is Hub-Star?

We are creating a suite of products that will enable users to take control of their data. Using our web browser will give you the ability to generate your value! Without parting with your raw data. If your data is worth so much, why aren’t you able to profit from it.


It is estimated that your data used for actionable insights is worth around $32 to a company.

Using personal data to craft a better user experience and actionable insights is not a bad thing. The problem lies in the value of this data, your data! Hub-Star is creating a way of benefiting from your value!

Large data companies are profiting from the value of your data! They don’t even have the complete picture; you do! Own it!

Hub-Star puts you in control to generate value and sell insights without sharing your data!

What is Hub-Star?
How it works
Data Value

Data value problem & solution

The global data market is expected to grow to $274 billion U.S. dollars in 2022!  *
That's your data. How much do you own? How much were you paid? Our attention has become a commodity through the collection of our data!

Personal data problem

Using personal data to create a great user experience online is not a problem; the internet has become a highly personalised place primarily due to personal data collected.

The issue we face today is that not all companies have the resources to make sense of it! The tech behemoths have been collecting your data, exchanging it and creating vast fortunes from it. Hub-Star does not stop that. However, it puts the ball in your court. Not even the large companies have the complete picture; only you have that. Hub-Star allows you to create value from your data without parting with it in its raw form.


Data ownership

You own your data; it is collected from your usage and encrypted then stored using a decentralised storage solution.

Only you can grant access to it. Furthermore, Hub-Star allows you to sell your insights to a website or service, and they do not get the raw data. Processing occurs in our insight layer then they are provided with the actionable insight. We are leaving you in complete control of your raw data whilst generating value from it.


Login problem & solution

According to a recent study by NordPass, the average user can have up to 100 passwords and logins! It is no wonder people use the same passwords and usernames for most sites. Users passwords are increasingly becoming a security concern due to the lack of complexity.

Account Security

We are only human how we can remember and manage all these passwords without making them similar. Once a password is compromised, we have to remember all the sites where we used the password and change it to secure our accounts and personal data.


Single Login

Using the Hub will allow you to manage your online account, having one password to interact with every website. We are creating a single sign-on that that is easily integrated with any website.

We will drive adoption because you create value. It will be in every website's best interest to allow for a seamless login process. We are building a set of tools that will make it easy for every website to use our SDK plugins and tools - When you land on a webpage, you will automatically be authenticated. No more account creation, no more managing passwords. One login, one Hub.



Our lite paper outlines what problem we intend to solve. A technical white paper will follow it.

Our litepaper

Our lite paper discusses the issues that exist with data and data ownership. Here we detail how Hub Star will allow users to benefit from our unique set of tools.
It is an overview of what we intend to create and who can benefit from it.



We are at the very start of our journey.
We will be moving fast and have a comprehensive road map.

July 2021
Hub-Star ICO Live Now
January 2022
Our foucs will be major exchange listings
March 2022
Grow team key members
January 2023
Beta insight engine
May 2023
Beta mobile browser release
December 2023
Beta desktop browser release
March 2024
Payment sytem complete
June 2024
Javascript, PHP, C# SDK complete
September 2024
Mass adoption


Here we try to answer any question you may have; if the answer you're looking for is not listed here, please Join our Telegram group.

No - Do not make a send tokens direct from an exchange, we will be listed on exhanges as soon as possible this is a key part of our roadmap. However, no exchanges will support this ICO.
There will be one airdrop at the end of the token sale. Only users who have registered for the airdrop will be eligible. Click here and complete the actions. You will receive instructions on how to submit your Tron wallet address.
After the token sale is compelte this is one of our key and first steps we will take. We expect to get listed on as many major exchanges soon as possible. HUBS is currently available on JustSwap so that if users who take part in the ICO wish to trade then they can. Click here to view
HUBS is a TRC-20 token and is on the Tron network due to its speed and energy efficiency. The contract can be found on Tron Scan here.